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TOOLS FOR LIFE to create true prosperity
Auspicious Power Stones, Candles & Angels

Power Stones,Candles & Angels

Guiding Angels

Angels are blessed with the Holy Spirit to watch over us, in our time of need.
$8.95 each

Stones and Crystals are a natural substance with extremely special properties. They receive and convert energy to enhance your connection with the universe.

* AMETHYST: Enhances divine connection and is calming
* GREEN AVENTURINE: Promotes success, wealth and prosperity.
* HEMATITE: Helps ward off bad moods and depression.
* MOSS AGATE: Prosperity and confidence.
* MOTHER OF PEARL: Attracts money and sincerity.
* QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Long life and strength. Stores positive thoughts.
* ROSE QUARTZ: The love stone. Helps nurture relationships and romance.
* SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Balance and strength.
* TIGEREYE: Creativity and manifestation.
* TURQUOISE: Promotes health acts like a tonic for the body.

Stones and crystals are cleansed and blessed for you as they are mineral transmitters of cosmic energy. They come in a carry pouch for you to keep with you at all times.
$8.95 each

Blessing Stones



Special candle, to light your way during meditation.
If you would like to order a variety of other handcrafted special candles - CLICK below -

Beautifully handcrafted wrought iron candles.

We will update these frequently so be sure to check back!

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